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Sm@rtLine Data Cockpit [SDC] is a software program for the collection, review and approval of trial results (samples) from simple sensors to complex analyzers in the area of FERMENTATION.

SDC is a part of the SmartLine product familiy and contains the integration of pharmceutical process analytic technology under the name "SmartLine integrated PAT".

Our Partner in North America: Musa Technology
SDC is a web- and database-based platform that brings together the analyzers and sensors for the BIO-API fermentation process. After electronic signature, it transmits approved results to higher systems such as LIMS, MES or ERP.

The analyzers' user interfaces will be replaced by SDC as much as possible, the advantage being that users obtain integrated and uniform guidance for different types of analyzers.

SDC furthers the functionality of (for example) Cedex analyzers in that individual results of the readings can be recalculated to illlustrate the total result. Available calculation methods include averaging and trypsinizatio

SDC gives you the ability to compare measurements from research, development and production and thereby compare the results (e.g. interface calibration data) transparently, optimizing the entire process.

Developed with special consideration given to GAMP 5 requirements, this qualified program is particularly well-suited for the pharmaceutical industry.

Uses / Advantages


  • With SDC the user can consolidate all sensors and analyzers used in fermentation research, development and production into a single system.
  • Calibration data during a product lifecycle (research, development and production) can be compared and contrasted regardless of the device used.
  • Measurement results can be assessed and approved before being sent electronically to a LIMS or MES system.
  • Individual measurements for the differing analyzers and sensors can be assessed, cleared and incorporated into a single result (mean value, trypsinization).
  • Easy repetition of measurements.
  • Measurements can be prepared while analyzers are still working.
  • Monitoring of measurement progress in the complete company network including status observation of devices and calculation of time remaining. Control of the measuring procedures of analyzers (e.g. Cedex™) without further user action.
  • Correlation and synchronization of analyzers and sensors with common evaluation, graphing and storage. Measurement results can be evaluated according to batch ID and then displayed graphically in a Time cultivation chart. The integrated batch comparison enables comparison with the Golden Batch.
  • Interfaces enable the export of data to Excel, CSV.


  • The comprehensive correlation of analyzer and sensor measurements in research, development and production creates transparency and traceability.
  • SDC's modern and intuitive service concept is grounded in practical experience, resulting in wide acceptance and minimizing need for on-the-job training.
  • SDC can be used as a remote solution for facilities regardless of location. Due to its integrated web technology, SDC can be used within the complete network centrally or remotely.
  • Paperless data handling of measurements and data carryover onto higher systems (LIMS, MES, SAP) occurs with electronic signatures in consideration of 21 CFR Part 11.
  • More effective and faster processing time of trials makes more frequent measuring possible, optimizes process monitoring and boosts both quality and yield.
  • Through electronic signatures and change-logs, SDC ensures the data integrity of all fermentation data and supports GMP requirements according to 21 CFR Part 11.
  • Two available languages (D, E) make SDC an effective tool whose practical benefits manifest quickly.


  • No additional installation work at client site due to modern web technology.
  • SDC has an open interface concept that enables the connection of LIMS, MES and ERP through XML, SQL and OPC.
  • The adapter concept for the connection of analyzers and sensors allows for continual extension of the system.
  • User administration can be linked to Active Directory.
  • Central data backup of results, graphs and images.
  • Setup oriented toward master data enables conformation and expandability.
  • The use of either Oracle or MS SQL databases is possible.
  • SDC distinguishes itself through fully developed .NET technology with an Ajax GUI framework and MVP architecture.


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